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Since 1995, Best Paw Forward has offered obedience training promoting greater understanding, health, safety and socialization of your dog. Any worries about taking a walk in a crowded public place or running out of an open door will become a thing of the past. You can go on vacation, walk on the beach, or visit a busy street fair with your dog, off-leash.


“I find Jason to be an amazing trainer. He helped me with my dogs and taught me how to be a better owner.
I Would Highly Recommend him…”

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Our Owner, Jason Mickalauskas began his career as a dog trainer at the North Shore Animal League in the pet behavior department. After 1 year as a regular dog trainer, he was promoted to head dog trainer with responsibilities including evaluating, training and working with dogs as well as supervising 3-5 other dog trainers. This position gave him the opportunity to work with literally thousands of shelter dogs to help improve their adoptability, as well as educating hundreds of new pet owners to help make their relationship with their pets much greater.

With the total of 22 years of experience in dog training, Mr. Mickalauskas is a fully qualified dog trainer and behavior consult. He is able to develop a rapport quite easily with pet owners, enabling him to educate them about their dog's behavior and any changes that need to be made. Mr. Mickalauskas' method of working with the dogs themselves are humane, consistent and fun to practice. He is confident that any client of his has been happy with the training results, customer service, prompt appointments and over all experience of working with him.

He plans to continue along these lines, teaching dogs to put their Best Paw Forward! Mr. Mickalauskas is not your average dog trainer due to the fact of many years hands-on experience working with extreme behavioral issues ... including extreme aggressions, fears and phobiatic traits. He's been around large packs of dogs all his life - with the privilege of being a second generation dog handler.

With Best Paw Forward, we have many training services available. Each dog is handled individually and receives private or group lessons in a customized program based upon his/her own needs. Prices vary depending upon your goals, number of lessons needed, location of the client and temperament of the dog. The specifics of your training program will be provided to you in detail at the time of your dogs' evaluation.


“When a client asks me to recommend a trainer it is an easy answer, Jason Mickalauskas. I have had nothing but great feedback from all of my referrals, from basic puppy obedience to problem dogs. Even right now, my little dog is patiently sitting in her “place” waiting for my release. Call Jason and yours’ will do the same.”

Sonali Kothari, DVM