Advanced Off Leash Training Long Island

Nassau: 516-262-5080

Suffolk: 631-337-8300

Advanced off leash training is just that. Your dog will learn to respond to all commands, manner or behavior issues, and be able to stay with you in public places without a leash!

Things your dog will learn are to heel or walk right by your side off leash, even passing by things that would normally be a distraction, such as other dogs, people, birds, squirrels, store front entrances, items they would normally chew. No more stopping at every pole so they can mark. Enjoy going to public places such as a beach, park, or family occasion and have full control of your dog coming back when called, even while playing with other dogs!

Off leash training is a must for anyone that wants to enjoy your dog to the fullest!

Nassau: 516-420-0940

Suffolk: 631-888-0450