Boarding & Training

Long Island Boarding & Training Program for Puppies, Adult & Senior Dogs.

Nassau: 516-420-0940

Suffolk: 631-888-0450

Our most popular training program is our Boarding and Training Program. Boarding and Training is where your puppy or adult dog will come and live with the owner Mr. Jason Mickalauskas in which he or she will become fully trained, rehabilitated, cared for and loved as one of his own dogs. Being trained in a home environment allows us to teach your puppy or dog around the distractions that he or she will be around every day, and so that they get the care and one on one time that they need.

The Boarding & Training is a two, four, or six week program which starts off with a consultation.

Puppy or Adult Dog Board & Train


Obedience (sit, stay, lay down, place, come, and heel)

Manners (eliminate play biting, jumping, barking, chewing, digging, hyperactivity, and any others)

Socialization so your puppy or adult dog gets along well with other dogs, people, and children.

Advanced Off Leash Board & Train

No more leash!! Your dog will learn to respond to all commands and manners without the use of a leash. He or she will walk right by your side on a heel command with no leash as well as all the other commands. You will finally be able to fully enjoy your dog in public places like the beach, family events, parks, on vacations, without the worry of him or her running off.

Behavior Therapy Board & Train

Our dog psychology center is where your dog will live with us and our balanced pack to be fully worked through his or her behavior issues, such as human aggression, dog aggression, dominance, resource guarding, fears, anxiety, separation anxiety or any others.

Nassau: 516-420-0940

Suffolk: 631-888-0450